Building Maintenance in Croydon, London

For building maintenance work in Croydon, London, look no further than D Mason & Son Qualified Roofing Ltd. We perform a range of guttering, moss removal, and painting work to keep your roof looking great for years to come.


Our specialist primers and weather-resistant paint are a prefect way of covering up any damaged areas on your roof. Our wide selection of colours means that we can even paint a small section and it will be blend perfectly in with the whole construct.


We perform guttering services to keep your roof at its best. We can install new uPVC fascia and soffits or power flush your existing ones to eliminate debris buildup.

Moss Removal

D Mason and Son Qualified Roofing Ltd remove moss from all kinds of roofs. Moss loosens the bonds between tiles and slates, encouraging water to penetrate and gradually causing damage to occur. Removing moss will reduce erosion and keep your roof looking great.

Contact us today in Croydon, London, for more information about the building maintenance solutions we offer.